Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Whether you are an individual, a business, a non-profit, or someone in between, tax season can seem daunting to prepare for on your own. You already have so much on your plate before going through receipts, filling out forms correctly, and worrying about doing things right.

Tax prep season doesn’t have to be stressful! Save money in the long run by having your taxes prepared professionally by AnneShade Associates of Cranston, RI. We can help you to prepare your state and federal taxes to help you reap your maximum return.

AnneShade Associates can help you to make the most of your expenses and report everything correctly to the IRS the first time. We know the tax code inside out and put our knowledge and experience to work for you, whether you need help with preparing your personal tax return or with properly paying your taxes as part of your business.

We’ll also help you find tax credits and incentives you qualify for so that you can get as much back as possible.

Our Tax Preparation Services

In addition to helping you find benefits, we can reduce your liabilities and look ahead to see how changing tax laws affect you or your small business, non-profit organization, or corporation. We know how to make the tax code work for you no matter what you manage.

We can help you prepare for both federal and state taxes, so you can focus on running your household or organization. We specialize in every type and size of business as well as individual tax law so we can be your one-stop shop for professional and efficient tax preparation that limits your liability and maximizes your state and federal return.

Call AnneShade Associates today to get us started on your individual or business tax preparation. Reach out online or call (401) 954-2235 to make your appointment at our Cranston office.

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